My feature on Joseph Hart is in the latest issue of Free Thinkers. In good company with Raymond Pettibon, Tim Barber, Warpaint & more. Grab it for free at Lifetime Collective.

Showed some work with Andy Dixon at Arthur Erickson’s Waterfall Building for Terraza di Peroni.

Like the Acme-branded wreckage littering Coyote’s home canyon, the illusory object is Maw’s troublemaking calling card. It is employed as an exercise in self-defeat, or as a détournement of functional design; occasionally, as with the giant chicken leg in a recent exhibition at Parisian Laundry, we see it set as the bait for a literal trap. Much of Maw’s sculptural output features a playland of Frankenstein objects become anthropomorphic in their own failure, such as the fallacy of the two-headed rake, contrasted against representations of things found in nature, which have not passed through civilization unscathed. “